Arduino LED Rocker Game


Arduino LED Rocker Game:

This is a clear-cut arduino diversion, actually crucial yet intensely addictive. It depends on the peer instant case on the Arduino site.

To commence, just open the Serial Monitor, and press the catch when the middle LED turns on. You’ll get three lives previous to you lose.

Arduino LED

Step 1:

Material Required

Material Required

  • Breadboard and some jumper wires.
  • 9 LEDs.
  • 10 400ohm resistors.
  • Arduino UNO.
  • Button.

Step 2:

How To Build:

Cicuit Diagram

Connected wires with resistor

Setup Connection Arduino

Each LED has to be linked with a resistor from pin 2 to pin 10. Take after this fritz and then interface the grasp to pin 13 of the arduino. Do remember to pull down resistor. To the ground rail of the breadboard, Interface the ground GND pin.

Step 3:

The Software

Commence with the shine unsteadily right away design keeping in mind the end goal to figure out the last project. Once this is completed, load the last project. Keep this in mind that proper board should be selected.

Step 4:

Working Arduino LED Rocker Game

Each time you tap the catch when the light is not at the center LED, you drop a life. You have mere three lives. When you approach up short on lives, the distraction start again. When the light is at the center LED and you click the button, the lights shake quicker.


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