Arduino Tutorial – Blinking LED


Arduino Tutorial – Blinking LED:

This tutorial lays you with how to create an easy code or circuit with an arduino, which can join an LED to a flash and keep it on from off. You will see an effortless scheme, making difficult codes and complicated circuits.

Arduino - Blinking LED On Arduino - Blinking LED Off

Step 1:


Requirements For Blinking Led


Three Cables

One Resistor of 330 Ω

One Arduino board of any kind

One USB cable

One Personal Computer with Arduino software installed

One Breadboard

Step 2:

Fixing resistors and power cables to the breadboard:

Fixing resistors & power cables with breadboard

Connect Wire with Arduino                                     Connect wires with Arduino and resisitor       Connected wires                             Connction with breadboard

Initially you will require a 5V power output on the arduino, in which you will have to plug one side of the wire and the other wire should be plugged into the positive side of the breadboard.

Then one end of other wire should be plugged in the ground or GND power output and the other side of the wire to be plugged in the negative section of the breadboard.

Eventually, from the negative section of the breadboard plug on one end of the resistor to any main section’s horizontal line. Be vigilant to select a resistor of 330 ohm otherwise the LED can blow.

Step 3:

Attaching control wire to the breadboard:
              Attach control wire with breadboard              Connection Arduino UNO

Connection with breadboard

On your Arduino, from digital port 0 attach a wire to the hole unswerving above the resistor.

Step 4:

LED Attachment:
     LED Attachment               Attached LED

Led Light Negative Positive Terminal

At the moment to link the Led into the circuit. Be watchful, it won’t do everything until you have transported the code to the board, which is completed at a later stage. The way this is completed is to put it with the goal that every pin is at the side of a wire/resistor. This sounds indistinguishable; however pictures ought to offer support. You need to put the longer stick next to the wire linked with the port, and the shorter pin by the resistor.

Step 5:

Plug into the personal computer:
                              Plug with personal computer

Connection with personal Computer

Then in the computer plug in the Arduino board. Be cautious that nothing gets broken.

Step 6:

The code to be uploaded to the device:
                                    Arduino code upload
Uploaded Arduino code

The code that is attached here has to be opened with the arduino sketch program and then uploaded to the device by clicking.

Step 7:

Shazam:                        working Arduino Blinking LED On
working Arduino Blinking LED Off

The LED should now flash if everything done by you is correct after the code is uploaded. If the arduino is plugged out and then again plugged in it will work.


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