Image size slide show


Image size slide show

Do you want to access your language options or theme’s code with new theme editor layout by Shopify?

Go to your Shopify admin:

Click on online store > Themes

Then you have to edit click on the menu button which is a tiny square with three blue dots.

A submenu of options will be opened that will include: Edit HTML / CSS and edit Language.

If you are looking to access your language options or theme’s code with new theme editor layout Shopify?

Click on online store > Themes, in your Shopify admin

Next to the theme that has to be edited

Click menu button which is three blue dots small square.

A submenu options gets opened that include: edit language and edit HTMI / CSS

The landscape orientation (wider than they are tall) should be followed by slideshow images.

The height of the images completely dedicates the slideshow on your site.

The images that are tall, on the screen they will tend to appear taller, the images that are shorter will reveal more below them when the pages get loaded.

Your slideshow will

Your slideshow will routinely permit for shorter or taller images there are just a few little steps that you require to take to create certain that all works flawlessly.

Use images that are 1920px wide when your slideshow is full browser width.

Use images that are 1200px wide when your slideshow is not full browser width.

A few good quality resolutions to employ are:

1200px x 800px (not full width)

1920px x 900px (full width only)

In your Slideshow, Make certain that the images have the same width and height.

Ensure that underneath the slides you do not have any avoidable white spaces.


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