In my Shopify’s header none of the links work


In my Shopify’s header none of the links work:

Do you want to access your language options or theme’s code with new theme editor layout by Shopify?

Go to your Shopify admin:

Click on online store > Themes

Then you have to edit click on the menu button which is a tiny square with three blue dots.

A submenu of options will be opened that will include: Edit HTML / CSS and edit Language.

Working on your store if you find that on the top of your site the links are unclickable, you need not worry this is bug not a code or a theme.

You have to try opening your site in an incognito or a private mode without logging into the admin.

Intact links will be seen.

Why does this occur?

When Shopify’s storefront admin  is closed it gets reduced to a black triangle, which is seen on the top of browser window’s right hand side.


It still leaves an invisible layer sitting on the top of the side, even when this is closed.

To reopen click on the triangle that is black and refresh your screen.

This will let the links to function once again.

Will the customers see this?

No. only the browsers that have had access to carry the admin cookie and the store admin from Shopify will experience this issue.


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