LED Blinking with Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi:LED Blinking with Raspberry Pi:


Lone of the typical electronic analogies is to create an LED blink. There are eight all-purpose Input/output  pins( 4,17,18,21,22,23,24,25)  in Raspberry Pi, which can be configured as input/output and can be turned on/off by means of software. Use python to manage the LED, as coding in python is very easy yet it’s very influential. To organize the LED from Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi GPIO Python records are employed.

breadboard with led resister

Step 1:

Raspberry Pi:Hardware Setup:


Position the LED with a 270 ohm resistor in chain with the GND and GPIO pin of Raspberry Pi try using a breadboard for trouble free correlation. Forever use a resistor with LEDs to edge the current; moreover you may finish up with a scorched LED.

Resistor working example

Step 2:

Raspberry Pi:Code:

LED Blinking with Raspberry Pi Coding


Lone of the little belongings that separate the Pi from other SBC Single Board Computer is the capability to exploit the GPIO General Purpose Input/output pins which can be put as HIGH or LOW to manage any exterior devices. To start you need a female to male jumper wire. You can utilize a HDD IDE connector.

Pin 11 for GPIO17 and Pin 9 is used for GND. The LED was associated using a 470 ohm register in series through pin 9 and 11 to edge the current.

Raspberry Pi – GPIO Of Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi – Software Implementation:

The best way to get in progress is to employ python which consists of pre-installed with the entire images. Download the Raspberry Pi GPIO library and replicate the gz tar ball to the Raspberry Pi wheezy Raspbian. Unbolt the terminal and plot a route to the extort folder surrounding the Raspberry Pi.GPIO library. After that type:  $ sudo python setup.py mount to install the module. Imp: As the Operating System is multitasking and not Real-time dissimilar Arduino there may be jitters depending on CPU precedence.

Raspberry Pi – With An Easy Code:

Here is an easy code to turn ON and turn OFF the LED subsequent to a delay of 1 sec (1000ms) each. The LED blinks fifty times.

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

import time

# blinking function

def blink(pin):






# to use Raspberry Pi board pin numbers


# set up GPIO output channel

GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.OUT)

# blink GPIO17 50 times

for i in range(0,50):



Python is used to organize the Raspberry Pi GPIO’s.


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