My Payments button of Amazon is too small in Shopify


My Payments button of Amazon is too small in Shopify:

Do you want to access your language options or theme’s code with new theme editor layout by Shopify?

Click on online store > Themes
Then you have to edit click on the menu button which is a tiny square with three blue dots.
A submenu of options will be opened that will include: Edit HTML / CSS and edit Language.
If within your Shopify store you have enabled Amazon payments and on the page see the small button appearing on the page this happens as to limit the size of payment icons we use a small style which pre-dates the addition of the Amazon payments within Shopify.
Of this button to over-ride the size and permit it to be observed in full it is a extremely simple and speedy style change.
In Shopify’s admin click Themes > customize theme > theme options > edit HTML / CSS
On the subsequently page open: Assets > stylesheet.css.liquid
Scroll till the bottom of the page and paste in the subsequent after all the code:
.amazon-payments-pay-button {
clear: left! important;
display: block! important;
width: 100%! important;
margin-top: 10px;

img.alt-payment-list-amazon-button-image {
width: 144px! important;
height: initial! important;
After you have completed it click on save, this will permit you to show the full size.


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