Raspberry Pi: Installation of Raspbian Operating System


How to install Raspbian Operating System for Raspberry Pi using the “NOOBS”?

Use SD card to store all the operating system related files on Raspberry Pi.

For storing the files in the SD card you will need SD card for-matter so that you can format the SD card.


You can download SD card formatter from the link given below.


Remove the SD card from your laptop and connect it to Raspberry Pi.


Connect Raspberry Pi with the monitor and connect keyboard and mouse to install the operating system.


You can see the installation screen in that select the Raspbian Operating System, language and keyboard as US and then click install for installing the noobs.


Now OS is successfully installed. By clicking OK it will start rebooting.




The boot up screen will be like this:



For configuring network IP for both the Ethernet and WiFi these are the line of code which you can use:



By pressing ctrl+x the Raspberry Pi will be successfully installed in the laptop or desktop.

For shutting down the display monitor you can type the code as “sudo shutdown now”.



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