Raspberry Pi – Solar Powered


Raspberry Pi: Solar Powered

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Solar Powered

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Power Adapter Car

Adapter with USB

Raspberry Pi

Solar charging Regulator

The below lesson is to teach how Raspberry Pi can be run using solar energy and solar battery

Step 1:

Raspberry Pi – Requirements

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Raspberry Pi

Solar charging Regulator or a solar panel with built in controller

Power Adapter of Car with USB

Battery and wires

Step 2:

Raspberry Pi – Connections

Battery Connections

Adapter Connection



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The first step involves making connection by connecting battery to car power adapter using some wire.

You might need a 12 V 1.3 Amp Battery. It mostly depends on the operations carried out using the battery which determines how long the battery will last.

For better understanding I have given an example:

Suppose Raspberry Pi consumes 3 Watt of energy per hour. The above battery can give a maximum of 12*1.3 = 15.6 Watt of energy and hence your Raspberry Pi will last approx. 5 hours.

In case your usage will last more, than a bigger size battery or two batteries running in parallel is required.

Step 3:

Raspberry Pi – USB connections

USB Connection


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Connect the USB power adapter to your set up.

A 12 V battery can be used for making power adapter however, this method is easier and cheaper.

If interested, a person can learn to make his or her own power adapter. There are various lessons which teaches so.

Step 4:

Raspberry Pi – Plug in solar panel with the system

Plug in solar panel with the system


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The solar panel can be connected to the battery and should be placed such that it points to the sun.

The Raspberry Pi is ready to function with help of solar energy.


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