Raspberry Pi Thermostat


Raspberry Pi:Thermostat

Raspberry Pi Thermostat

With recycled material build your Raspberry Pi Thermostat.

Raspberry Pi: Material Required

Wi-Fi dongle

LCD screen with keypad

An old Thermostat which is 3 v relay recovery and H Bridge.

A 5v charger of an old Nokia phone disassembled D500 suggested.

Temperature probe which is AM2302 humidity and temperature sensors.

Wood for a Box

Raspberry pi

For buttons you will need Gum

A 100 ohm resistor and One LED

Step 1:

Raspberry Pi: Plan for wiring

Raspberry Pi Plan for wiring

Raspberry Pi Plan for wiring Diagram

3 V relay to order the boiler, though it is next to impossible to join live relay with the pins because of less current. You can utilize a relay groove.

Keep this in mind for not using pins used by LCD.

Step 2:

Raspberry Pi: Software

Raspberry pi temperature logger

The information is recovered by Raspberry from the temperature sensors after every few seconds and then it is saved to the database SQLite

Raspberry Pi: Temperature table

DateTime | temp | humidity | stateChauffage | desired temperature

The database allows harmonizing ample of ways to modify the desired temperature and thermo.py scripts will permit to merge transformation outside the temperature, lighting and heat changes the needed temperature.

For temperature management there are various means:

Via a web interface

Via crontab of raspberry for programming

Via the LCD buttons

The buttons on the LCD:

This lot is done by the script that grasps the thermo.py, presses a button and makes the connected action.

Crontab (programming):

To amend the temperature I comprise a script that alters the last temperature value preferred setTemp.py

Example crontab

50 * 6 * 1-5 /home/pi/setTemp.py -t 21> / dev / null 2> & 1 ## increased heating to 21 ° C 6:50 Monday to Friday

Web interface:

A small web edge permits me to show a graph of temperature and can change the “preferred temperature”

This necessitates installing lighthttpd with the conf file affixed and takes out the httpd.tar in your home. (/ Home / pi / httpd)

Step 3:

Raspberry Pi: The Box is constructed

Constructed Box

Ready Constructed Box

Constructed Box with Raspberry Pi


To the box wore chopsticks and a plate of 5 mm broad to tour and front.

The complexity was chiefly to the gap for the buttons allied.

Cut a white gum, for buttons in order to manage the temperature.

Do not put the warmth investigate in the box because ca overheats. For the ventilation make a hole underneath and on the top of the box.

The raspberry should be put in the box as it is sheathed in its innovative plastic box established with the raspberry, just detach part and glue the plastic on the bottom.


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